14 Day Writing Challenge Day 7

I have been dealing with depression and social anxiety. . . so I decided to write about it. . .

14 Day writing Challenge Day 7 Poem

Not Myself

By Rebekah Wolveire

© 2015

I used to be loud,


and mentally strong

I used to be active

I wanted to do something

I loved to sing

I loved to write

I loved to draw

I love animals

(I still do.)

Changes. . .

Nothing is the same

I think all of me


Or is hidden

I am not the same

I fear more

I cannot trust 99.9% of the world

I seek thing by myself

Not sociable


I write alone

I sing just for myself

I wish I had my cats

I miss them.

I’m tired of being tired

I’m sick of being sick

I constantly feel l sad

And alone. . .

What is wrong with me?

What did I do to deserve this?

PLAYFUL MONA 10822740_802710716436936_2128974487_n me226


2 thoughts on “14 Day Writing Challenge Day 7

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