Slowly fading away


I feel like I am losing the ability to openly express myself online. . .


This is because now minors (21 and under) have more rights than any adult out there. This includes the ability to access sites like facebook, experienceproject and other social sites. (If they can do adult things now what makes being an adult so special?)

Being a writer, I chat with other writers in facebook groups about many different things. . . paranormal issues, and sometimes even sexual issues. I mean I write books for young adult (college age and up since my book contain adult themes). In several of writing groups they have put restrictions on what is being discussed, because now minors are able to access the group. If a student, under 18, pursues things like writing then maybe they should have a group for students or have a social group just for teens. (What really frustrates me is that facebook was original designed for those at Harvard. . . and then other colleges, and now I believe there are more teens and family on site than those sharing career issues. . . I feel that have minors on the site is what ruined myspace as well.)

I understand where facebook has standards on restrictions with porn, but now I’m restricted to talk about deaths of my characters and sexual issues on my book. Next thing I know I will restrictions on my opinions. . . my emotions.

If teen wants to be a writer, then they need to know that many books contain adult themes and that other adult writers should not circumscribed about what they discuss among other writers. I also do not think that the givernment should have to control and/or constriction in the Internet or media if the parents get involved with their kids. I think that parents need to be responsible for their own kids and what sites/groups that they are on. (I understand that many families have both parents that work, but if you have a kid(s), then you have a responsibility to them, and the rest of the world that they should be raised with just a bit common sense. I think that the parents should also know their kid’s friends and parents of their friends, so they can know who their kids ar hanging out with.)

Now this is not just on facebook, but other sites like and next thing I know I will have to watch what I say on my blogs. . . . this has gotten out of hand. (I think the teenagers want to be adults so bad. . . then they should only have the rights the adult have.)The problem with is now people are lying their ages. . . can’t people just be honest?


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