Serve with Ice. .

Serve with ice. . . dry ice . . .
she type on her laptop as she saw him walk into the bar. . . She was completely taken by his appearance. . . she could seem the smoke bellow around him giving a mysterious appearance.


All she wanted to do want take him home and figure out all of his secrets. . .


But he just smiled, blinked and walked on by. . .



Only in my dreams. . .

I can just picture Jensen Ackles (AKA Dean Winchester), and he ever looked at me that way. . . my stomach would have that fluttering butterfly feeling. I would probably be speechless, which is weird for me, because I usually never know what to shut up. LOL. When do I get to the knight with shiny Impala?


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Supernatural Shorts


Hello Father it has been an episode since my last confession
A. I know you are as NOT as innocent as you look.
B. Pie is a secret food group.
C. Your wings are shedding, and I have been collecting the feathers.
D. Blondes are more fun than red heads.


Me: Where are we going?

Dean: Does it matter?

Sam: Another city, another case.

Me: Who is the monster?

Dean & Sam: You!

Me: Do I get to pick the music?12360341_10153636830910751_4370747017967747554_n

Silence from tight brothers. . .



Sam: What happened?

Me: I tried to take on Becky.

Cas: You did it alone.

Me: Of course, you guys were dealing the demons.

Dean: You got balls. She is crazy.

Sam: What happened?

Me: I slipped on a banana pie.

Dean: You ruined my Pie?



Demons in my Bar

I was working the midnight shift washing dishes. I was just barely legal, but I looked younger in my twisted, tight braid.
A man with tight blue jeans walk in. . .

Supernatural -- "Citizen Fang" -- Image SN809b_00348 -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Kathleen Munroe as Elizabeth -- Credit: Liane Hentcher/The CW --  © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Supernatural — “Citizen Fang” — Image SN809b_00348 — Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Kathleen Munroe as Elizabeth — Credit: Liane Hentcher/The CW — © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

He ordered a double whiskey and a beer. . . I had a feeling something was wrong. I watched him scratch his arm.
Mac, our oldest bartender, asked him,
“What’s wrong?” He always had a sense about people.
I knew it wasn’t good when I saw him down the down, and then he grabbed the beer.
“Life, Just life. . .” He took a huge gulp of his beer bare touching the foam.
“I hear ya, man.” Mac tried to sympathized, but we could tell it was not getting through.
“Trixie, are you going to hold that glass all day?” Mac laughed. I just realized I had been holding the same mug for three minutes just listening to the guys. The mysterious man turned toward me, and I instantly got the chills. He looked up and down me like I was a piece of meat. Then he said,
“I’m Dean,”
“Trixie,” I would have shaken his hand, but they were covered with dirt. He heard the door open, and then his green eyes turned black. He mouthed the words “get out.”
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I grabbed my dishes, dropped them off near the sink, untied my apron, and I moved toward the back door. I knew that the cute, mysterious guy was just not right. The
Why did the hot guys have to be the crazed demons?

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Knock, Knock

There is a knock at your door. . . it’s loud and sounds panicked as it continues. You look through the peep hole and see a rugged looking man with deep green eyes.

He knocks one more time before you open the door. The sight takes your breath away. . .

“Are you okay?” You ask as he has a rushed look on his face.

“Have you seen this man?” You notice he is holding a picture of a taller man with longer hair standing next to the man in front of you.


“No, but are okay? You look like you have seen a ghost!” You noticed. He mumbled back:

“You don’t know the half of it. . .”


My Favorite Horror Movie

My favorite scary movie is Nightmare on Elm Street (Original)


I liked how Kruegger got you in your dreams where you were most vulnerable. A time in which you can barely fight back, your just so helpless. Things are changing and you aren’t sure what to do. . . (Unless you know how to have a lucid dream. It a like a day dream where you can control your actions and environment. It is really hard to keep that focus, especially when you are tire.)
He knows when you are tired and weak. . .

However I do not understand why they made a remake. (But that is a whole other blog!)


Horror movies I also like. . .
Child’s Play
The Saw series
Dead Silence
Urban Legends
Hocus Pocus
Hostel 2
The Shinning
Interview With a Vampire
Rose Red
The Storm of The Century
And the list goes on